{ Painting with Water & Counting }

Painting with Water

I saw this really cool idea on Pinterest (pinned from this website) the other day… painting with water! Lorelai hasn’t used the chalkboard side of her easel in a long time so I thought it would be a fun Saturday afternoon distraction for her. I was right! She loved it. We went through a bunch of rhyming words and then I worked with her on counting by tens.

In the car, we have this one game where we will alternate counting. For example, I will say ‘1’, she will say ‘2’, and on. We went to a hundred the other day while sitting in rush hour traffic. The only issue was that she didn’t know 30, 40, etc… That’s why we worked on counting today. She amazed M and I because she picked it up SO quickly. Literally within minutes she was counting by tens on her own. She is seriously a SPONGE! =)

I got it on video but as you can see, her confidence isn’t the best right here. Probably because we had to redo the video 5 times because M kept yelling at his game in the background. She was frustrated. I edited out the huge sigh she did at the end, followed by, “Can I PLEASE paint the numbers now?!” LOL!

After we were done, she continued to draw and “paint” a bunch of different pictures. I think we’ll be doing this one again!

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