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After getting newer, faster internet recently, we decided to take advantage of the Netflix option on M’s XBox 360. While I wasn’t too thrilled over the lack of selection – come on, 9 bucks a month (the cheapest plan) for a selection of craptastic indie films made in the 90’s?? However, there is the ocassional gem and I’m convinced now that the whole point of the Instant Play option is to watch TV shows.

Cute show about a witty teenage detective. It’s no longer on air, but there are 3 seasons.

Heroes. I remember when this one aired, but never got into it. I remember people bitching about how they ended the show badly and left a lot of loose ends. M and I were bored last night, so we decided to watch the first episode to see what it was about. Yeah, we ended up glued to the TV for 4 episodes, well after midnight. I bet he’s having  a productive day today, LOL.

Oh, and as I type this, Lorelai is watching Season 1 of Rugrats. Nostalgia, anyone?

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  1. Watch Dexter! Best show ever! I love Netflix for watching TV shows too. I have Weeds, Law & Order:SVU, Dexter, The Tudors, Veronica Mars, Heroes, a ton of TV shows in my queue. I love it!

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