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Shape Car with Printable

Lorelai & her car

It’s Transportation Week! My husband suggested this a few weeks back and I was kinda on the fence about it, but Lorelai asking to do a car craft pretty much sealed the fate of this week’s theme. We haven’t done many transportation-themed crafts, but this week will be full of them! I’m going to stick with the basics for now since it is such a broad theme. Occupational-themed stuff will be held for another week.


So I made this simple car using basic shapes. Lorelai actually did this one entirely by herself! I wanted to make something that would be easy for her to cut out without too many pieces, and this is what I came up with. She loved it! Instead of painting this one, she colored it. We did a couple of other painting crafts before this one (hence her painted hands) but she wanted to just dig right into the car.

There are three options to download for this one. You can print the car as an assembled whole car. This is good for just practicing cutting. You can print the car disassembled but colored. Or you can print the car in standard LCL printable form ~ disassembled and outlined so that your little one can paint/color it. Choose Below.

Open Whole Car Printable & Open Car Outline Craft & Open Colored Car Craft

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