Printable Preschool Set: Owlette

Preschool Pack: Owl

“Owlette”, the owl from this craft, that has inspired my custom name owl print, is featured in my first “Printable Preschool Set”. I’ve seen similar sets on other sites and wanted to put one together with Lorelai’s favorite owl. This set includes the following:

  1. Which Owl Is Different – a 4 card set in which your child has to find and circle the owl that is different. You can use this sheet as a whole, or laminate, cut out each card, hole punch the corner, and stick a key ring through it to keep it as a card set.
  2. How Many Owls? (3 pages) – A fun set of cards for your child to practice counting and writing numbers. I laminated, cut out, hole-punched, and stuck a key ring through our set.
  3. Stacking Cards – Laminate and cut out, then have your child arrange in order from largest to smallest or vice versa… or, of course, stack! =)
  4. Line Tracing  – Help Owlette get to her friend by tracing the lines provided.


This preschool set is bundled together into 1 zip folder. Inside are 6 PDF files. Once you download, open (or right click > unzip) the folder, then open and print each file. Please DO NOT redistribute this set, make available to download on your blog, website, etc. This is for personal use only!

{ Download & Print Preschool Set: Owlette }


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  1. Wow. I am blown away by your website. I just recently left my job to stay home with my two boys (1 1/2 and 3 1/2) while I find my next job adventure and I’m so incredibly excited to use your crafts and ideas. THANK YOU for making my first two weeks at home so much fun!! I really appreciate your efforts and hope you know you’re making a difference in our lives…

  2. Hi Kimmie! I love the pictures of this printable set and would love a set for my granddaughter who loves owls and the color pink. I plan to help my daughter homeschool her starting next summer when she is 3. Is this set still available free? If so, the link is not working. If it is only available by purchase can you link this message to where it is sold. Thanks!!

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