Printable Clean Up CheckList

Printable Clean Up Checklist

Like mother, like daughter, I have a child who doesn’t like cleaning. Scratch that. She loves helping me clean around our home, but she really hates having to clean up her own messes, specifically her bedroom. We were having a real problem of this before Christmas (before we got rid of a bunch of stuff) and it was a constant fight to have her pick up her toys. A friend recommended making a visual checklist for her so that she can see what she has to do without me having to stand there yelling and getting frustrated. I made this check list around that time, but with the holidays, I completely forgot about it until I ran across it this evening. I know this might not work for you exactly, but I’d figured somebody might be able to get some use out of it! I can’t wait to print it out in the morning and have her pick up her room — all by herself, for a change. =)

Open Clean-Up Checklist Printable

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  1. I enjoy following your blog because my daughter seems to be in the exact same stage (and mood) as Lorelai. She just turned 4 in December and is an only child. We have been battling toy clean-up on her own since last summer and seems exasperated with all the small parts with her new dollhouse. She is great when I help her, but at 4-years-old I feel like she should be able to handle most of it herself. She is a list maker and loves to check things off. I am trying this today!

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