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Painting the cat
Crafting in sparkly shoes

So I was trying to think of a cute animal that has an awesome sense of hearing. Thanks to this site, I ended up choosing a cat AND a mouse! They both hear really well. Lorelai chose to paint the printable kitty orange like the one on the paper. It was a bit chilly outside so I bundled her up and she went out on the patio to paint. Lorelai insisted on drawing the nose and the mouth and made it a bit slanted. I laughed when I saw it because it’s definitely a cat expression!

Fun Fact: Has hearing range between 100 and 60,000 Hz. Cats move their ears to pick up noises in different areas of the room. Have you seen your cat’s ears twitch around? S/he is listening!

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  1. OMG you had a kitty printable on here and I didn’t even know it!!! Plus it looks kind of siamese, and Laila’s kitty is siamese, so she will be friggin ecstatic! <3

    ps Laila and Lore have the same "Dorothy" shoes!

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