Yak Printable Craft

Next up in our Endangered Animals series is the yak. I designed this printable a bit differently than normally – the legs are all attached to the body piece. There wasn’t enough room with his (or her) massive body to leave them separate. It was a nice change, not having to cut out 10 different pieces this time! =) Print, and be sure to check out the facts & video posted below!

Open Yak Printable

Facts About Yaks

  • Yaks are an ox species found in central Asia.
  • There are 2 types of yak – domestic and wild.
  • Wild yaks are considered endangered or vulnerable.
  • Yaks have horns that curve upward. A female’s horn can grow to be over a foot long, while males almost 3.5 feet. The horns are used for digging under the snow for food.
  • There are estimated to only be about 15,000 wild yaks left. The main causes for their decline are hunting by humans, habitat disturbance, and more.
  • Read more about yaks here.

Video About Yaks

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