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Meet Rango, our sweet baby orangutan craft! Lorelai named him Rango after she was finished gluing him together. She was so pleased that I made a baby and not an adult. I’ll have to make more infants in the future – she really was pleased! I did most of the cutting on this one (as she was cutting another). I made the outline a curvy and rigid to show the hair, so it was a little too complicated for her to cut. I also didn’t include the vine- you can easily make one with some of the scraps from the paper! Print below!!

Open Orangutan Printable

Facts About Orangutans

  • Orangutans are long-haired, orange primates (mammals) that live between 30-40 years.
  • They are endangered animals.
  • They are between 4-5 feet tall and can weigh anywhere from 73-180 lbs. (33-82 kg)
  • ‘Orangutan’ is the Malay word for “person of the forest.”
  • Orangutans have enormous arms; a male’s can stretch his arms up to 7 feet from fingertip to fingertip!
  • Orangtan males are very solitary. However, mothers and their young form strong bonds. Baby orangutans will stay with their mothers for six to eight years!
  • Orangutans spend most of their time in trees. Deforestation and hunting have been a major factor in their endangered status.
  • Read more about orangutans here.

Video About Baby Orangutans Learning “Forest Skills”

Books & Movies About Orangutans

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  1. I am unable to print the printable for the orangutan. the link is not working and it worked yesterday. Can you send it to me. thank you

  2. You’re a star! This is so adorable. Terimakasih bankya – matur suksma – thank you so much for sharing. Downloading to create with some Balinese kids. 🙂

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