{ Patterning with Foam Stickers }


I have mentioned this before, but I have a serious foam sticker problem. If I see a tub on sale, I have to get it. I mean really, who can pass up a 100-count foam sticker bucket for only $2? Not this girl! Anyway, I am always looking for a way to use our foam stickers other than to make pretty pictures. Making patterns seemed like a good way to use up a few stickers and keep little fingers (and brains!) busy.



I sat Lorelai down at the table, gave her the bucket and a piece of construction paper, then asked her to give me three different pattern sets. She rose to the challenge and this is what she came up with.


Pattern #1 – (aab) flower, flower, ladybug
Pattern #2 – (ab) grass, dolphin
Pattern #3 – (aabb) tulip, tulip, butterfly, butterfly

It’s a simple activity, but it’s fun. If your child is just now getting into patterning, this is definitely worth trying! Almost every child loves stickers, so this won’t really seem like ‘learning’….. Learning through play – it’s the way to go! =)

Next time we do this, I will tape a few pieces of construction paper together so that she can do more complex patterns. A single sheet would work perfectly for those just starting out with patterns!

Here are some cute foam stickers you can purchase:

Printable Instructions | Terms of Use | Facebook Page

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