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Hyenas are an African animal that look similar to a large dog. The most common type of hyena is the Spotted Hyena. Hyena cubs are born with black hair, which eventually lighten ups and turns spotted. Lorelai has always been fascinated with hyenas because of the Lion King. These cackling animals have very strong jaws and live in clans.

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Facts About Hyenas:

  • Spotted hyenas are omnivores; they eat both meat and plants.
  • They cackle when they catch their prey. They do this to let other hyenas know that they have food to share. It also attracts larger prey (ie: lions) that will fight them for the food.
  • The spotted hyena clans are led by females.
  • Hyenas like to take mud baths!
  • Hyena mothers give birth to twins in a shallow hole in their den.
  • Hyenas can run for miles without getting tired.
  • You can learn more about hyenas here.

A Great Documentary About Hyenas:
*Note: This documentary shows all aspects of hyenas, including hunting, etc. Parts might be a bit disturbing to sensitive children. Please pre-watch before showing young children!! The very beginning has hyenas doing their laugh/cackle.


Hyena Books:

* Sorry for not giving a proper craft photo; we actually did this craft months and months ago. It got buried in my folders and I completely forgot to take a picture & blog it.

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