{ Our Learning Board }

Our Preschool Learning Board

I wrote about this board in my last post and I finally completed it! I printed out the titles, cut out the scrapbooking paper to back the titles, and then very lightly glued the titles backs to the scrapbooking paper. (I’m talking about two little specks of glue!) I then cut out little “windows” out of the scrapbooking paper so that I could just erase the words inside instead of writing on top of the paper. I laminated everything and then trimmed up/re-cut the windows. Voila! It took a while with all of the cutting, but it was worth it.

The only reason I glued down the titles was because I was scared they would move as I lifted them up to put them in the laminator. If you use this technique, only do a tiny dab of glue – enough to stick it to it, otherwise the laminator will squish the glue out and it will be everywhere.

Anyway, so that’s our Learning Board with tomorrow’s stuff on it. I did end up doing a list because I operate a lot smoother with one!

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