{ Preschool Again }

Preschool is something that has been discussed a lot around here lately. M and I have finally decided to only send Lorelai to one year of preschool instead of two. The main reason being that she’s growing up so fast and, while she’s probably ready for school, I would rather keep her home another year. Her birthday falls just after the cut off so she’s still two years out from school (this fall). It will all work out, I know it will… it’s just hard not to stress about something so important as school. Oh, and we are moving this summer and aren’t for sure where yet. Registration is going on now and I’m wary of putting $150-$200 (nonrefundable registration fee) into a school we aren’t sure we’ll be anywhere near come this fall.

Anyway, so since she’s won’t be going to school this fall, I’ve decided to step up the homeschooling aspect of preschool. I had a pretty good system going last year where, in the morning we would spend an hour to an hour and a half doing preschool learning activities of a certain theme. It worked out really well so I’m going to get back into that. My friend Brooke made this cool learning board for her daughter and I’m totally stealing the idea for Lorelai! Instead of writing our school activities in list-form on a white board, I’ll go through daily/weekly and update the main objectives.

I will post pictures of our board once I finish!

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