African Wild Dog Printable Craft

Of all the endangered animals we have crafted lately, this african wild dog is one my favorites. I love the different colors of its coat and how Lorelai really took her time in creating that dappled effect. As you can see, I made the legs a bit longer so that we could use the brad fasteners. Lorelai has been using them on every project she can; she loves being able to move the legs! Anyway, you can print this free craft below, check out the fun facts, and watch a video about African Wild Dogs. Enjoy!

Open African Wild Dog Printable

Facts About African Wild Dogs:

  • African Wild dogs are also called ‘Cape hunting dogs’ or ‘painted dogs’. How fitting!
  • They are endangered animals, suffering from the loss of space to roam. They are also susceptible to diseases and illnesses of domestic animals.
  • African wild dogs stay together in a pack – they take care of each other, can communicate together through touches, actions, and vocalizations.
  • They are carnivores and can live to around 11 years.
  • For more facts about African Wild Dogs, please go here.

Long Documentary About Wild Dogs (warning, parts may be graphic)

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