Printable Angry Birds Crafts

Angry Birds Crafts

Lorelai is back on her Angry Birds kick. In fact, today was dubbed “Angry Birds Day” by Lorelai. In preparation for the big day (hehe) I ended up staying up really late last night making printables. This morning, I woke up to happy screeching, “ANGRY BIRDS CRAFTS!!!!!” We had to go out in the morning, but when we got back, all three of us got to the crafting.

There are 7 pages to the printable – 6 angry birds and 1 pig. To make it easier on us, Lorelai only painted one color at a time. So black, she went through each printable and painted the black pieces black, and so on. I also only did one pig. If you want to do the others, you can cut a red mustache out of construction paper, a crown out of yellow, etc. The process actually went really quickly. M was cutting before they were even dry, I was helping her glue, and she was putting the pieces where they belong. Print below and enjoy!!!

Open Angry Bird Printables

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Lego Pig for our Angry Birds Activity

After crafting, M set up a fun activity for Lorelai. He made pigs out of lego and built a block city. Then he tipped one of her chairs over and made it into a sling shot. They played Angry Birds for a long time. Lots of giggling, “oh mannnnn!” and excited whoops going on in this household today!

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