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Giraffe Worksheet & Craft

First laminated worksheet – yay!

Motivated despite being sick, I printed out a couple of worksheets and whatnot that I made last week. The first is very similar to the Ladybug Worksheet, but with giraffes! There are two versions – one with numbers already printed in the circles, and one without. I printed the one without so that I could laminate it and use it repeatedly. The other sheet I made in hopes of laminated was a compilation of Days of the Week. I did indeed laminate them and then cut out the days (with a cloud shape around them) so that I could use them in flash card fashion. Here are the printables:

Open Giraffe Worksheet Printable

Lorelai was happy that she got to use a marker on the paper and be able to wipe it off again. She did really well with the giraffe worksheet, putting the correct number of spots on the giraffe if she recognized the number. We also did this Weather Match sheet I made ages ago. She did need some help reading the words and figuring out how to draw the lines, but it’s something we can work on again and again.

In case anyone is wondering, this is the laminator we bought. It’s still on sale. 🙂

Giraffe Handprint

I had been planning on letting Lore do a paper plate giraffe head as the craft, but after hitting up google and finding this one, I went with it instead. Lorelai really enjoyed our Pink Widow Spider Handprint craft, so I knew she would enjoy this one, too. We will probably get around to doing the paper plate one sometime this week after doing the worksheet again.

Directions are simple: Paint the hand, place it flat on the paper. Brown/Orange finger prints as the spots. Paint on the tail, ears and knobs (what are they called?). We added googly eyes per Lorelai’s request.

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