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Last week, we crafted this printable cheetah craft and Lore & I both loved how it turned out. When Lorelai asked to do a craft after dinner last night, I threw out the idea of a paper plate mask. She jumped all over the idea and asked to make another cheetah.

007The materials for this cheetah mask are simple, every day craft materials — 2 paper plates, a jumbo popsicle stick, marker, glue, paint, and scissors.

019I held one of the paper plates up to her face a put dots on the plates where her eyes would be. Then I drew the eyes and let her paint the entire plate gold. On the other paper plate, draw the ears and let your child also paint that gold.

022Once the metallic gold paint had dried some, I pulled up a picture of a cheetah’s face on my phone and let her paint in the lines and dots. You can see my phone sitting on the tray by her project- she kept referring to it for the lines around the eyes. Then she cut out the ears and glued them down.

024As soon as everything dried, I poked a hole through the eye part and then carefully cut out the centers. They were spaced correctly for her, but if yours are too small, just open the eye holes up a little more.
The last thing to do is glue down the popsicle stick. I actually decided at the last minute to use tape and that worked perfectly! Glue would work fine, too.

041This really turned out to be a cute mask craft. We listened to cheetah calls and noises on youtube earlier and she has been running around with her mask while making said calls. =) I hope you get a chance to make a cheetah mask with your little one(s). It really is a fun one! Thanks for stopping by!

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