Woolly Mammoth Printable Craft

woolly-mammoth This woolly mammoth craft came right on the heels of our Endangered Animals unit. Though woolly mammoths are extinct, this was still a fun animal to learn about. Lorelai was overjoyed to see this printable waiting for her a while back. She loves the Ice Age animated movie series so this one was just perfect for her. She has been requesting the other animals from the movies, so expect to see more soon! =) Print below and enjoy!

Open Wooly Mammoth Printable

Facts About Woolly Mammoths

  • The wooly mammoth is an extinct animal that once roamed earth until roughly 1700 BC.
  • It was found roaming the frozen arctic tundra in large herds.
  • It is believed to be closely related to elephants.
  • Adult mammoths reached heights of 4 meters or more.
  • They had enormous tusks that would have been used for digging and collecting food, as well as fighting off predators.
  • Mammoths ate similar vegetation to elephants — leaves, fruit, nuts, twigs, and berries.
  • Woolly mammoths are thought to have had long lifespans, getting to an average of 70 years old.

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