Water Buffalo Printable Craft

waterbuffalo-001As a part of our Endangered Animals unit, we crafted a water buffalo. This large bovine is called ‘Billy’ and is currently clipped to our learning board. =) I think Lore did a great job on him! Print below!

Open Water Buffalo Printable

Facts About Water Buffaloes

  • Water buffaloes are an endangered species.
  • They stand 5 – 6.2 feet tall at the shoulder.
  • They can weigh anywhere between 1500-2600 lbs. (700-1200kg)
  • Male water buffaloes carry backward-curving horns that stretch up to 5 feeet long. Females are smaller with proportionately smaller horns.
  • They spend most of their day submerged in muddy water.
  • The marshes they spend their time in provide good cover and have rich aquatic plants for them to eat, though they usually choose to feed in the grasslands.
  • To read more about water buffaloes, go here.

Video – bull water buffalo chasing down lions. (not graphic – just a short video showing one running)

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  1. Thanks so much for this cute printable! My family and I just went on a Safari Tour and saw water buffalo as well as many other animals. He’s going to love this!

  2. Thanks for posting this printable! Our Sunday School program is raising money for Heifer Project International and I’m looking for crafts/activities around the animals that Heifer gives to families. This one will be perfect for our church kiddos to make!

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