Spaceship & Aliens ~ Printable Craft

Spaceship & Aliens, eek!

Horrible picture. It's much cuter in person!

At the start of this week, when I told Lorelai we’d be doing a space theme, one of the first things that came out of her mouth was, “Like spaceships and aliens, right?” I thought it would be fun to end the week on a silly note, so I saved the spaceship and aliens craft for Friday. She really enjoyed doing this one. Daddy helped her cut everything out and assisted her in gluing the pieces down. I think he has a little more appreciation for the daily process we go through concerning the crafts. It took him over a half hour to cut everything out! (And no, it shouldn’t take YOU that long – he’s just a perfectionist, lol.)

Open Spaceship & Aliens Printable

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