Animal Tracks

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When we were in Maryland earlier this month on ‘vacation’, Lorelai and I had a lot of downtime during the week. It was really quiet one day, so we decided to go outside and explore. We hopped on a four-wheeler and rode over to the farm in which my dad care-takes. One of the great […]

Summer 2013 Bucket List


This is our last summer before kindergarten, and we are determined to make it a really fun one! Here are a list of activities that we hope to do this summer. Please feel free to share yours in the comments below! Water Activities: Go to the beach. Go to the pool & re-learn how to […]

{ Water Beads Sensory Play }


I’ve been hearing so much fun stuff about water beads, I decided to go on a hunt for them. After going to two different stores, I finally found some in the vase/flower section of Michaels. If you aren’t sure what water beads are exactly, they were designed to be used in flower arrangements. They suck […]

{ Marshmallow & Toothpick Fun }


I have been wanting to do this activity with Lorelai for a while now, so when we had a few spare minutes this afternoon that needed filling, we got right to it. Lorelai really enjoyed this. Probably because she got to eat little morsels of sugar throughout the entire activity without me screeching about it […]

{ Practicing Letters & a Museum Trip }

Working on fine motor skills & coordination

    Lorelai really needs to work on her lowercase letters, so this morning sounded like a great time to do so. On Pinterest, there’s this pin floating around where a ziplock baggie has paint in it and kids practice their letters by using a q-tip to “write” their letters in the paint. Well, I […]

{ Paper Bag Puppets }

Kitty Puppets!

Last night after dinner, Lore and I headed out to the porch to make some puppets out of brown paper [lunch] bags. Lorelai has never made a puppet out of a bag before, but she caught right on and had a great time. We played puppets for about a half-hour before Lorelai put on her […]

{ Baking Soda & Vinegar Volcano Experiment }

Pushing the dirt up around the bottle of vinegar

I saved this fun volcano experiment for our trip here in MD. My parents’ house has a big (dirt) basketball court in the backyard. So, this afternoon while my nephew and mom napped, we went out to do the little experiment. I filled an empty soda bottle (we didn’t have any empty water bottles) halfway […]