{ Marshmallow & Toothpick Fun }

A fun activity for preschoolers

I have been wanting to do this activity with Lorelai for a while now, so when we had a few spare minutes this afternoon that needed filling, we got right to it. Lorelai really enjoyed this. Probably because she got to eat little morsels of sugar throughout the entire activity without me screeching about it being too much, haha. We did this one together – I doubt she would have enough patience to make a 3-story marshmallow and toothpick structure by herself. After we finished it, she made letters with the materials and even little “olympic” dumbbells (or whatever they are called).

All in all, a fun, inexpensive activity that will fill a good half-hour. There was a bit of problem solving (some of the marshmallows got soft and wouldn’t hold up the toothpicks), coordination, and patience involved.

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