Summer 2013 Bucket List


This is our last summer before kindergarten, and we are determined to make it a really fun one! Here are a list of activities that we hope to do this summer. Please feel free to share yours in the comments below!

Water Activities:
Go to the beach.
Go to the pool & re-learn how to swim without floaties.
Have a water balloon fight.
Play in the sprinkler.
Visit the splash park.
Go to a water park.
Play in a stream.
Go fishing.

Places to Visit:
Go to the new farmers market.
Go to the aquarium.
Visit the Japanese Gardens.
Go to a museum.
Go to the outdoor theatre.
Go to the drive-in movies.

Fun Activities:
Catch fireflies.
Go frog hunting.
Go to a summer festival.
See fireworks.
Have a “spa” day.
Tie Dye shirts
Have a pajama party.
Sidewalk Chalk Photoshoot
Build a sandcastle.
Collect shells & sharks’ teeth.
Go on a nature walk.
Play flashlight tag.
Play miniature golf.
Go bowling.
Find cloud animals.
Fly a kite.
Have a picnic.
Go stargazing.
Take a train ride through the park.
Write a letter or draw a picture for every cousin. Mail them.
Feed the ducks.
Have a PJ Day.

Things to Make/Eat:
Make homemade lemonade and drink it at the park.
Make a scrapbook.
Make a book & write a story in it.
Make rainbow cupcakes.
Make more homemade bubbles & bubble wands.
Make cookies for grandma & grandpa.
Eat snowcones & frozen yogurt.

I’m sure we won’t get to every activity, and that’s okay! I’ll update and cross off the ones we do as we do them. Again, please share your lists in the comments! =)

The picture above was taken a couple of summers ago. It’s my younger brother holding my daughter as they walked across a field to see the neighbors’ horses. It is still one of my favorites.

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