Dried Beans Witch Craft

Remember this Candy Corn Pumpkin we did last week? Well, I had a ton of leftover beans and split peas, and since we don’t really eat either (I’m not crazy about black beans and I have no clue how to prepare split peas). I came up with this witch craft to use some of them. It was super fun and not unlike a bunch of crafts we’ve done recently, but Lore still has a blast doing them. She has been nagging us all week about being a witch for halloween, and when I asked her today if she wanted to be a good witch or a bad witch, she said bad. I’m glad. The bad witches are always more fun for halloween! LOL.

We got her a (pretty/good) witch costume last year and the hat didn’t fit! She ended up being a “kitty cat princess”. It was all her idea, I swear. Anyway, onto the craft…

Materials: Cardstock, Marker/Pencil (to draw the witch), Glue, Dried Black Beans, Dried Split Peas

It’s pretty straight forward. We did all of the black parts first and then saved the green face for last. Just glue in little areas and then drop beans/peas onto the glue. Afterward, I had to move the green bits around a bit so that the facial features would show. See? Simple!

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  1. Very cute! I love it. We may have to try it! We had the split peas from a baby food making attempt for Micah (he didn’t like it) and when we do black beans we usually use the can so we have no need for the extra dried beans.

    They do make fun sensory tubs as well.

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