Kingfisher Printable Craft


Kingfisher birds are found all over the world, and the species we did is brightly colored and beautiful! My 7 year-old decided to try out her new neon paints for this craft and they worked perfectly in capturing the brightness of the kingfisher. Grab your copy of the printable below and enjoy! You can also check out our Bird Section for more fun bird crafts!

Open & Print: Kingfisher Craft

Facts About Kingfishers
– They live in wetlands and woodlands worldwide.
– They are omnivores.
– They can fly about 25 mph (40 km/h)
– They are classified as Threatened due to habitat loss.
– They nest in tree hollows and holes dug in the ground.
– They are small birds and therefore fall prey to many animals, including foxes, raccoons, cats, snakes, etc.

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