Printable Valentine Pets

Valentine Pets!

Last night while doing the elephant, M came over and said I should make a cat for Lorelai since she is [STILL!] obsessed with them. He had to help me a lot on it because the vision was just not there, but we got it. It’s not perfect, but it’s Valentine-y. 🙂 He had to go to class tonight so we spent a little extra time doing these crafts. I normally don’t like to overload her in one day, but she was all for it, of course. These are also printables. Beware: the puppy one is insane. I wanted to make everything fit on one page so each piece is turned weird. Oh well, it’s not too complicated!

Valentine Doggie & Valentine Kitty

(Oh, and there’s an extra circle added in the puppy template. Not sure why I put it there. I guess you could use it for a backup nose, or in case you don’t want a heart there. LOL!)

Finishing up the painting & gluing once all is mostly dry

Our craft table is becoming well seasoned with paint. I’m loving it!

Directions: Print, paint, dry, cut out, and glue: ears to the back of the head (dog) or to the front (cat). Add top hearts to decorate the ears. Do the nose, googly eyes (or eyes provided), then whiskers if desired. We used pipe cleaners for the cat, but they are a pain in the butt to glue down. I think I’m going to do super glue next time since it dries fast. Little hands jostling the cat = whiskers flying off all over the place constantly.

Other than our crafts for the day, not much has gone down at all. Lorelai had me wrap up the elephant craft from this morning so that she could surprise her daddy with it tonight. 🙂 She said she wants to wrap up the dog and cat next as a present to herself. Ha!

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  1. Those are SOOOO cute! P saw me looking at this page and asked “can we do a craft today?” (it’s been a rough couple days- no crafting being done!) So I guess she was inspired! 🙂

    And pipe cleaners are a PITA to glue down! P made M a butterfly with a Popsicle stick middle and pipe cleaner antlers. We tried glue, tacky glue and neither would stick so finally I took out the hot glue gun! lol

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