Valentine Elephant Craft

We have all been enjoying the valentine animals that Lore has crafted. We have them displayed on the book shelves, on the fridge, etc. I saw something similar to this craft on the Disney website and decided to make my own version of it into a printable. Lore was happy that she got to do an elephant today. We have done several elephant crafts in the past (not blogged) and they are always great fun.

Valentine Elephant, made up of hearts!

Open Valentine Elephant Printable

As with the other animals (owls and such) that I’ve posted here, you can use paint or just crayons. Paint all of the pieces, let dry, then cut out and assemble/glue down in this order: Ears (points touching), face, trunk, tip.

So easy and cute! I included eyes but we used googly ones because they are fun!

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