Turkey Craft

Last week when I went shopping for craft supplies, I picked up these mini popsicle sticks and circle cut-outs. I found a use for them today! Turkey crafts pretty much dominate the Thanksgiving craft category. Let me add another:

Supplies: 10 mini popsicle sticks, 1 circle cut out, 1 cardboard/cardstock circle (trace with a soda can), paint, paint brushes, glue, 2 googly eyes, & a small piece of red tissue paper (or construction paper – or just paint!).

Paint the cardstock/cardboard & circle cut-outs. For the bigger circle, I just traced a soda can on a piece of the soda box.

Then paint the Popsicle sticks.

Arrange them on a sheet of paper in a standard turkey tail-feather pattern. Glue down if you wish to keep it on the paper. I wanted to leave it on this paper. I thought the splatters were fun. 🙂

Glue the head to the body and then glue down on top of the “feathers”.

Add the beard (or whatever it is) and let dry.

You can add a beak if you want, but I just wiped away a bit of the paint with my finger and as you can see, it sorta looks like a beak. Works for us!

CRAFT UPDATE: Little fingers got to it again before I could stop her. There were popsicle sticks *everywhere. I quickly glued it onto a new sheet of paper and added the beak, but it doesn’t look nearly as nice as it did before the thing fell apart, especially since one of the sticks went missing. Tip: Let it dry somewhere out of reach. I’m just thankful (lol) it happened on the patio and not on the carpet!

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