Tire Tracks Activity

Lorelai had a fun playdate this afternoon at one of our favorite indoor play-places. I’m hoping she got some of that energy out, but considering it’s 7 and she’s still going strong, I guess not. After dinner she asked to do her truck craft. I ran this activity by her a few days ago and she was eager to get started. We used easel paper, craft (tempera) paint, and one of her Tonka trucks!

She learned that wheels are very important. Some automobiles have 2 wheels, some trucks have 18, bicycles have 2, etc., but they all aid in getting us someplace. She counted her truck’s wheels and then ran the truck through the paint, only to find out that there were only two tracks instead of four! I explained that the wheels lined up so that the back wheels just ran over the track the front wheels made a second before.

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