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Stop Sign & Stoplight Crafts

Painted Stop Sign Craft
White crayon colored inside the letters
Painted Stop Sign

Now that I have a few minutes to actually blog, here are the other two crafts we did yesterday morning. The first is a stop sign. Lorelai used the same white crayon/watercolor method that she did in this craft. You just have to make sure the crayon is colored on thick enough so the watercolor can’t go through it. =) There are two versions of this printable: the typical outline (what we used) and a fully-colored one. Lore is going to use the fully-colored one to practice cutting.

Stop Sign (outline) & Stop Sign (colored)

Stoplight Craft

The second craft was this stoplight. Lorelai did this one all by herself ~ painted, cut out, and glued down.

Open Traffic Light Printable

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