Snowflake Craft

Open Snowflake Printable

First, this craft comes with a printable; you can download and print it from the link above. This is a really simple craft – once you get past the cutting out of the snowflake.You have to cut out the center of the snowflake like pictured above. If you print on cardstock, you’ll make your life *so* much easier. My husband used a pairing knife instead of scissors – there are a lot of sharp corners and a knife just works better. (An Exacto knife would work, too!)

Once your snowflake hole is cut out, layer on top of a darker piece of construction paper. Get your child to paint all of the colored area that shows through. It helps if you help hold down the corners that lift so the brush can’t come up. We added some silver glitter to spruce it up a bit. Take off the top sheet once you’re finished and voila – a pretty awesome snowflake print!

Lorelai reused the paper on her own and did another snowflake. It wasn’t as “clean” as the one pictured above, but I like it so much more because she did it on her own. She was so proud of herself!

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  1. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! your site. Thank you sooooo much for the wonderful craft ideas and free printables. I am in the process of opening a small preschool and have been collecting your ideas. My 4 year old grandson has enjoyed every one of your crafts we have done. Bless you and yours! Kelly

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