Hand Wreath Craft

We went to the movies this morning to see Tangled. It was incredibly cute! Even Máyo said that it was good for a princess movie, LOL. Anyway, we came home and Lorelai played outside for a bit with her “friends” from the community. She came inside after a bit because she was cold and we did another Christmas craft.

This hand wreath is pretty common and for a good reason – it’s adorable. Lorelai really liked doing it, too. She likes having her hand traced. =)

First, trace and cut out a bunch of hands. I folded the construction paper several times so that I wouldn’t have to spend all day cutting out hands.

Then I cut the center out of a paper plate and got Lorelai to paint it green. You can omit this part altogether or just leave it white. I didn’t want the white to show through the “holes” in the hand wreath, so we painted. I’ve seen the hands just glued together in a circle without the paper plate base. We’re going to hang it on the door so I wanted it to be sturdier.

Then I added glue all over the plate part and Lorelai and I arranged the hands onto the plate. We added little red puff balls to look like berries. Alternate berries: finger prints with red paint, red beads, or cut-out circles.

A quick snap of Lorelai right after she came back inside. Look at that hair – can you tell she was playing hard? =)

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  1. You sure are a great artist Lore. Can you make a craft for MiMi’s tree? Keepy up the beautiful crafts I really enjoy looking at them and seeing you doing them! I love you! xoxo

  2. I can’t wait to try this one with Hazel! We can’t hang a real wreath on our front door because the storm door would squish it but this would looks great 🙂

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