Paper Chain Snake Craft

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I just love when friends inbox me with pictures of crafts and activities with the tagline, “YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!” A huge thanks to Jamie for showing me the craft her son did in preschool a couple weeks ago. Paper chain snakes are so easy and turn out really cute. Lorelai stated from the beginning that she wanted a “really, really long snake!” I made sure to cut extra strips of construcction paper.

chainsnake (2)Materials You’ll Need:
– Construction Paper: I did 2 yellow, 2 green, and 1 red (for the tongue)
– Scissors
– Glue Stick
– Googly Eyes

chainsnake (3)
chainsnake (4)
chainsnake (6)What to Do:
– Cut your construction paper into strips. I layered mine and only had to cut once. I held the paper landscape-oriented and cut 4 strips from each.
– Have your child make a paper chain by first making one complete circle. Use the glue to hold the ends together.
– Next, thread another strip of paper through the first circle, and glue the ends shut. Repeat until finished. (Note: this would be a great way to practice patterns!)
– Glue on the googly eyes.
– Cut out a tongue from the red construction paper and glue down.
– You’re done! See? Super easy!

chainsnake (5)I hope you get a chance to do this fun, classic craft with your little one(s)! Mine really enjoyed it!

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