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I’m writing this post with my eyes closed, and I’m assuming you’re reading with your eyes closed, too. Doesn’t everyone dislike (um, hate) spiders as much as I do? Yes? No? Ha! It was pretty difficult designing this tarantula craft. It’s not very detailed for obvious reasons – I did it as quickly as possible. Of course, my daughter loved it. She has been chasing me around with her tarantula craft for weeks now. (Yes, I’m super behind posting!)

[EDIT 3/2020: Last year, we adopted a tarantula named Ophelia! We (I mean *I*) got over our fears (sorta) and she now lives in our school room. She’s actually kinda cute! See pic below!

Anyway, onto the printable. There are a lot of legs that go with this one. I recommend cutting out the body first, then one set of legs. Glue them down as you cut them out (front to back), then move on to the next set. Or, if you prefer chaos and puzzles, cut them out all at once and have fun sorting. =)

Open & Print Tarantula Craft

Print above and enjoy!

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