{ Shaving Cream Marble Painting }


What a fun project for a quiet afternoon at home! I heard about this project ages ago from a friend (Hi Manda!) and finally got around to doing it with Lorelai today. The techinique is really, really simple and super fun!








Materials We Used:

  • Large Cookie Sheet (one without sides works best!)
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring
  • Spatula (or spoon/fork/butterknife) to stir with
  • Cardstock – a few sheets
  • Ruler or something with a long, straight edge

What To Do:

  • On your large cookie sheet, dispense enough shaving cream to cover an entire sheet of paper.
  • Add food coloring drops to your shaving cream.
  • Swirl with spatula or butter knife. Tip: Don’t over-swirl or your colors will become muddy!
  • Once swirled, place a sheet of cardstock down on top of the shaving cream. Gently press down.
  • Lift cardstock off of shaving cream and transfer to the clean spot on the cookie sheet. Take your ruler start scraping the shaving cream off. It works best if you do one sweeping motion.
  • Admire the marbled design left behind on the paper!
  • Tip: Clean off your ruler after each swipe!

There you have it! A fun afternoon activity to keep little hands busy!

Note: food coloring DOES stain, so wear old clothing!

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