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Safari Fun

I’m really am trying to get through this Five Senses preschool theme. We were busy beyond belief last week. This week Lorelai got sick again and she’s been out of commission the past couple of days. She’s still not feeling 100%, but she was getting stir crazy this afternoon so I decided to go ahead and proceed on.

Today, she learned all about sight. We did a fun craft of an animal with many, many eyes (coming up in a bit) and then we played Safari! I had her craft binoculars out of two toilet paper rolls, tape, glue, paint, and glitter glue. I just taped the two rolls together (by the ends) and added a dab or two of glue for extra support. Once they were [mostly] dry, we walked around her room where I set up her stuffed & wooden animals up. The surprise at the end: Uni the unicorn in the “clouds”!! =)

I also talked with her about the importance of her eyes, their function, and tried to explain the pupil. She’s still too young for that, but she did observe how my pupil got bigger and smaller (dilated) as my finger got closer to my face.

Showing off her binoculars
Mike the snake wrapped up on the trampoline, Teddy in the "visitor center"
There were wooden animals all over her bookshelf.
Uni in the "clouds"
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