Printable Tiger & Jaguar Crafts

Tiger Cub Craft
Jaguar Cub Craft

Aren’t they the cutest little cubs ever?! When I told Lorelai I was making her a tiger printable, she immediately requested that it be a baby. I’m glad I did because this printable can be used for pretty much any “big cat” cub. We did a tiger and a jaguar, but others that will work include panther, cheetah, lion, etc. The printable itself is labeled “tiger” but it really can be used for any!

Lorelai painted these last night after dinner and we assembled them right before bedtime. I only took a couple photos of her painting but they didn’t turn out well since the lighting in our home isn’t the greatest.

Tip: Allow to dry completely before adding the stripes/spots/etc.

Open Cub Printable

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I am making a counting book with my students and needed something without the stripes or spots so they could paint them on and this is will definitely work.

  2. Hi.
    I love your site and the project ideas. I’m trying to print the tiger and the polar bear projects and it’s not letting me find the download. Can you please send a link to my email.
    Thank you,

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