{ Crayon & Watercolor Easter Egg Craft }

Lorelai & her egg

I’ve seen this technique on Pinterest about a thousand times, and I finally got around to letting Lorelai try it tonight. We decided to do an egg since Easter is coming up. I just cut an egg shape out of a piece of cardstock… nothing fancy. You use a crayon and draw a design on the egg next. I showed Lorelai how to do a basic egg design and she repeated it down the egg. Then you use watercolors to paint normally. The watercolors won’t stain or dry over the white wax from the crayon so the design shows right through. Just make sure the crayon marks are dark enough, or it might cover it.

It was SO beautiful out this afternoon and evening, so we went out on the patio and Lorelai painted. I love evenings like this!

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