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Lore’s favorite activity right now is playing Dress Shop. I can’t tell you how many times we play a day… but it’s a lot! She pretends to be the owner of a dress shop. I have to walk into the living room, sit down, and tell her exactly what kind of outfit/dress/ball gown, etc that I would like her to make me. She stands at her easel and draws exactly what I describe. Then she takes down my information and tells me to come back in a week. That’s it. Sometimes I get to be the dress shop owner. =)
She asked me a couple of days ago to make her some dresses that she could color and decorate. I thought it was a great idea (a) because I’m tired of 10-20 feet of easel paper stretching across my living room floor, and (b) because I love being able to indulge her arsty side. I took 5 minutes out of my morning today to make 3 simple dresses. She had a ball decorating them with markers and sequins.

The printable is pretty straight forward. You could laminate it to get more uses out of it, or stick it in a sheet protector. Cut out a head, arms, and legs from construction paper to turn them into paper dolls!

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  1. Found you on Pintrest~ So cute! I may send to staples or office max to have it spiral bound for my 8 y/o, may do a couple so that her little friends can do their own too!
    Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

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