Printable My Little Pony Craft: Rainbow Dash

Printable My Little Pony Craft
Painting Rainbow Dash's Body
Painting with Q-Tips

Lorelai has had this obsession with the My Little Pony show for about 6 months now. Before our trip to Maryland last month, she came up to me and asked if I would make her a MLP craft. How could I say no? Wellll, it went onto the backburner while we were on vacation, but I surprised her last night with the printable. Ecstatic is an understatement here. She painted it this afternoon using a regular paintbrush for the body and legs, and some q-tips for the rest of it. There aren’t lines on the tail to use as a paint guide, so she just winged it. I plan on making her the other characters soon – there arent many differences between the ponies/unicorn so it shouldn’t take long to make them. Keep an eye out!!

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  1. My daughter would LOVE these. She is getting quite obessed with My Little Ponies lately. This will make a great rainy day project.

  2. Thank you so much for all of these MLP printables. My 15 year old son loves My Little Pony (I do not understand why) and we just had a wonderful time together with these crafts. We laid the paper on a hot plate and colored with crayons, then cut out. They turned out really neat. Best of all was spending that much time with a kid I usually have to drag away from the computer screen.

  3. My daughter is SO excited right now, we just printed Rainbow Dash and a few of the others. She is hard at work and singing…screaming…in excitement, “My Little Pony” . You have made one little girl so happy, and her mom happy also. I think I can do actually do the dishes and fold some laundry! I have a feeling our fridge is going to be *FULL* of MLP. Thanks again for giving us hours of enjoyment (and peace and quit during brothers nap time).

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