Printable Minecraft Zombie Craft


Has anyone else’s child been bitten by the Minecraft bug? My daughter Lorelai definitely has. She’s going to be 8 tomorrow and she is very into this game. I love watching her play and seeing all of her creations. She has built entire towns in creative mode – so cool! It’s one “screen” game I definitely don’t mind her playing.

Anyway, today I’m sharing the Minecraft Zombie template. It’s just like the others – an 8×8 grid with coloring guide on the side. The zombie has different shades of green, but we went the easy route and just did one solid green. Print the template below and enjoy!

Open & Print: Minecraft Zombie

We have also made Steve, a Creeper, a Sheep, & Alex!

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  1. Hi lOrelei

    Hope you are well. We have just been looking though the site again – Jonathan likes the minecraft ones. He suggests have you heard of thunderbirds? It’s so cool, can you do some of those?

    Bye from New Zealand!


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