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Printable Lined Story Paper



I love seeing Lore’s little imagination come to life. She has gotten so creative lately – both in her drawings and her independent crafting. She made a crown today out of construction paper… all by herself, and it turned out really cute! Then tonight she asked to write a book. I had made this lined paper a week or so ago and had been saving it for a rainy day. I pulled it out this evening after supper and play time. She sat down at the coffee table and drew her picture and then called me over to help her sound out words for the written part. I’m excited to see where this story will go tomorrow evening. =)
Note: You can laminate this to make it reusable!

I attached the printable lined paper below. Print and use, but please do not redistribute (re-upload the PDF file to the internet). If you would like to share, please send your friends to this post via a link. Thanks!

Open Lined Story Paper Printable

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