Printable Craft: Hedgehog

This craft has a serious identity crisis going on. I designed it as a hedgehog, but my husband pointed out that I made the spines just a tad bit too long, and Lore painted it as as a hedgehog (gray and black), so I’m labeling it as one. =) If you are looking for a porcupine craft, feel free to paint this little guy in hues of brown and black – you will then have a porcupine, albeit with quills that are just a tad bit too short (and no long spiky tail). See what I mean? Identity crisis! =)

Lorelai didn’t mind the hedgehog craft not being exact. She saw pictures of one when we were reading facts and she just saw the spines and decided her hedgehog was just extra “pokey”. I love how she cut out the head/body. She made a little nick around the neck and it looks like it has a cute little mouth. Print below and enjoy!

Open Hedgehog Printable

Fun Facts About Hedgehogs:

  • Hedgehogs are mammals and carnivores.
  • They are between 5-12 inches long.
  • They have a coat of sharp spines, and will curl into a ball when they feel threatened.
  • Read more about hedgehogs here.

You can read facts about Porcupines here.

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