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Falcons are such beautiful birds; we couldn’t pass up crafting one after we saw them featured on National Geographic’s North America TV series. On the show, the mother falcon was very protective of her babies and saved them from a huge snake. She also warned off a group of pelicans by crumpling their wings so they would fall down into the water. It was pretty amazing.

So, with a new-found appreciation for these birds, I designed the printable and Lorelai did the craft. She decided to paint this one blue since we are out of brown paint. I had to help quite a bit with assembling the craft – the wings are a bit tricky. I designed it very realistically, so be sure to look at the guide and position the wings correctly. Print below and enjoy!

Open Falcon Printable

Facts About Falcons:

  • There are 35 different species of falcon, though peregrines are the most commonly known.
  • Peregrine Falcons are considered an endangered species.
  • A peregrine falcon can dive up to 200 mph to capture prey in flight.
  • They like to migrate south to Latin America in the winter, a trip that can be up to 10,000 miles!
  • Peregrine falcons can live around 17 years.
  • They have great eyesight and can spot their meals from a mile away.
  • It has been observed that they do not like to land on the ground. If they drop their food, they will move on and find more prey.
  • To read more fun facts about peregrine falcons, go here!

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  1. Loved this printable! My daughter is really into peregrine falcons, and we had lots of fun coloring ours realistically and assembling them to display. Thanks for posting this!

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