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Lorelai and I were watching another episode of National Geographic’s North America series and saw these adorable marine animals and just had to make a craft of them! Lorelai was excited to have another sea animal to add to our underwater collage, but I’ll blog more about that soon. The craft itself is very simple and straight-forward. The printable only has a couple different parts to it. =) As you can see, Lore decided to paint hers pink and glittery purple. Cute! Print below and enjoy!

Open Manatee Printable

Facts About Manatees:

  • Manatees can grow to be 8-13 feet and can weigh anywhere from 400-1,300 pounds.
  • They are an endangered species and are threatened by poachers and motorboats.
  • Manatees are also known as ‘sea cows’ because of their slow swimming pace.
  • They are marine mammals and must bring their head and nostrils out of the water to breathe air every 3-4 minutes. When not swimming, they can stay submerged for up to 20 minutes.
  • They are often seen alone or in groups of up to six.
  • They are born underwater and the mother manatee must help their young to the surface so they can take their first breath.
  • While baby manatees drink their mother’s milk, adults eat a variety of water grasses, weeds, and algae.
  • Read more fun facts about manatees here!

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