Printable Cinco de Mayo Memory Game

Memory games (or any game, really) are always a big hit here. So, it was no surprise when Lorelai asked to play round after round of Cinco de Mayo memory. I designed an Earth Day Memory a few weeks ago, as well as an Ocean Animals Memory. This one is for the upcoming holiday, featuring lots of brightly colored cards with fun Mexican symbols- guitar, donkey, sombrero, cactus, maracas and more. Yes, a little stereotypical, but it’s meant to be fun… and fun it is!
In case you aren’t familiar with the game memory (you probably are!), it’s very simple. Cut out each card, lay them all out on the floor (flipped over with the design side down) and you take turns trying to find matches in the cards.

Print below and enjoy!

Open Cinco de Mayo Memory Game

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