{ Lorelai Funny }

I was in the bathroom yesterday morning brushing my teeth when I heard a bunch of giggling from the living room. Poked my head out to find Lorelai petting a fish. That’s right. She turned the tall laundry basket over, dumped the clothes, pushed it up against the wall and climbed onto it. Our little fish tank is sitting on the little counter/window ledge that is in the wall between the kitchen and living room. She was perched on top with the biggest smile on her face. Her arm was elbow deep in the fish tank and with one little finger extended and rubbing against a fish.

I don’t know how most parents would react to this. Maybe scream for her to stop, get down, etc? I couldn’t do anything but duck back into the bathroom and laugh my ass off. If you could have seen the elation on her face. She has wanted to touch that damn fish ever since we got the tank, and finally — FINALLY — she had the proper tools in order to achieve her dream. Haha!

Once I composed myself enough, I went out and told her that she might accidentally hurt the fish and that she wasn’t allowed to touch it. I might have even thrown in there that the fish might bite her (when in doubt, use a scare tactic). She understood me and repeated ‘no touching fishies’. So far, so good.

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