Printable Blue Macaw Craft


Have you seen the movie Rio? It’s a favorite around here, among many others. Lorelai and I were so excited to hear about the sequel coming out this week! I decided to design a blue (hyacinth) macaw craft for Lorelai to make and she was soooo glad I did! It’s not exactly like Blu from Rio, but it’s just like a real blue macaw! Print below and enjoy!!

Open Blue Macaw Printable

Facts About Blue Macaws
– Blue macaws live in Central & South American rainforests.
– Their actual name is ‘hyacinth macaw’.
– Macaws have strong beaks that they use to break open tough seeds and fruits.
– They are smart birds that like to gather in groups of up to 30 macaws!
– They sqwauk loudly to socialize with one another, mark territory, and identify each other.
– They live around 60 years and mate for life!
– Read more about macaws here.

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