Printable Apple Sun-Catcher Craft


Autumn is nearly here and apple crafts are abound! Today I’m sharing a sun-catcher apple craft that I’ve been holding onto for over a year. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, but sometimes life just gets in the way of posting and I have to wait until the right time rolls around again. Anyway, this craft turned out so cute!


Open & Print: Apple Sun-Catcher Craft

– Cardstock Paper (for printing)
– Contact Paper, 2 pieces cut to size of apple
– Tissue Paper, Red
– Tape
– Scissors

1. Have your child color the apple. They do not need to color the center part that will be cut out.
2. Cut out the apple (outside line).
3. Cut out the center of the apple. (Poke a hole in the center with your scissors, carefully cut along dotted line.)
4. Tape down a piece of contact paper to the back of your apple. The non-sticky side should show through the apple when you look at it from the front.
5. Add tissue paper.
6. Press down second piece of contact paper over the tissue paper to seal it together, creating a complete window. (So – contact paper, tissue paper, contact paper – with no sticky sides visible.)
7. Trim any contact paper that sticks out from around the apple.
8. Tape to your window!

Note: Wax paper can definitely be used in place of contact paper. You will just have to add glue to make it sticky. Same process otherwise!


I hope you get a chance to do one of these fun apple sun-catchers with your child this fall. You could deviate from the traditional yellow and do colorful colors instead, or light green for a granny smith! Enjoy!

Other printable suncatchers we’ve made: sea turtle, flower, and butterfly.

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