Pretend Play Set: Ice Cream Shoppe


Welcome to the Ice Cream Shoppe! This is a fun and interactive pretend play set that was suggested by Sofia, a reader of LCL! We have made quite a few pretend play sets now, and this one is definitely a favorite. I didn’t get many photos of actual play, but we did have a lot of fun with it. My favorite? Mint chocolate chip on a waffle cone, no toppings. Lorelai chose a 3-scoop rainbow flavor with every topping. =)

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Directions: For the menu, I recommend printing in color. You can laminate the sheet and use a dry erase marker on it, or you can do what we did – stick it in a plastic sheet protector. I’ve found that it’s easier to remove the dry-erase marker on a sheet protector (vs. laminated sheet).

To play, you can use our “options” package, which is separate cones, ice cream scoops, etc. Have your child color or paint (or use the colored versions!) and assemble and customize as you go through the menu.

ALTERNATIVE: We used playdough to act out and make our ice cream cones. Nothing fancy, just a few basic colors and our imaginations. =)


(Please Note: The printable version is slightly different than the one shown in the photos; I added a banana split & sundae option later, but didn’t want to reprint just for pictures. Enjoy!)

Ice Cream Menu & Ice Cream Pack

EDIT 8/2/14 – I re-made the ice-cream pack so that everything fit better on the pages, improved graphics, added ice cream tubs, spoons and an ice cream scooper. (PREVIEW PICTURE BELOW) There are also blank ice cream scoops so your child can come up with new flavors. Also, a cute sign for his or her ice cream shop! Enjoy!


I hope you and your children enjoy this Ice Cream Shoppe set. Don’t forget to check out our other sets linked above.

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  1. Hi Kimberly,

    What a wonderful idea and how nice it all turned out!. Thank you for sharing your work so kindly. I will be using your printables for my boys’ Christmas present (a handmade Ice cream stand, shhhhh) any chance you might share the names of the fonts you used? I would like to print some more flavours for them and also translate them to make the activity bilingual.

    I want to re-assure you that as a teacher turned graphic and web designer, I take copyright very seriously and will not use my changes for any other purpose than for my boys to play at home.

    Hope you can help! Thanks again!

  2. This is such a lovely idea for the summer! My before and after school kids started creating their own ice cream store and these additions will be perfect. 🙂

  3. Wonderful set thank you for sharing l. The children at my playgroup loved it along with my girls.

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