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Pirate Week Recap

Pirate Week Recap

Lorelai chose this week’s theme – pirates! We didn’t do too much because I had a full schedule early on in the week, but she enjoyed all of it! A few preschool printables, including a cutting practice sheet, tracing practice, and Make A Word (my favorite). We also did a couple of crafts ~ the pirate and the parrot! I’d had a few other activities, like to make a treasure map and a compass, and craft a pirate ship, but we never got to it.

Links to Our Activities:

Some Other Ideas:

  • Make a pirate ship ~ Print out our MAYFLOWER CRAFT and paint the sails black instead of white. Draw on a skull and crossbones on one flag with White-Out.
  • Treasure Map ~ Rub a warm, damp teabag on a piece of plain printer paper to dye the sheet brown. Once completely dry, draw your map!
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